Europe Etf Market Looks To Emulate U.s. – Yahoo Finance

In June investors invested almost all net new money into equity exposures with the US and emerging markets being the preferred allocations. The S&P 500 index ended up 7% at the end of Q2 2014, closing at an all-time high (1963) on June 20th. Internationally, developed markets gained 2% and emerging markets are up 4%. The positive equity market performance has helped to improve investor confidence during the first half of 2014. according to Deborah Fuhr, Managing Partner at ETFGI . The compound annual growth rate of Europes ETP market over the past decade has been 35.2%, according to ETFGI. [ BlackRock Implements Global Structure in Europe ETF Market ] ETF Trends editorial team contributed to this post.

A must-know guide to interest rates and your investments – Yahoo Finance

The EIA also provides data on inventories of distillate and gasoline, which are refined products of crude oil. The markets monitor these figures because inventory data can indicate supply and demand trends. If the increase in crude inventories is more than expected, then it implies either greater supply or weaker demand and is bearish for crude oil prices. If the increase in crude inventories is less than expected, then it implies either weaker supply or greater demand and is bullish for crude oil prices. Crude oil prices directly affect earnings for major oil producers such as Chevron Corporation (CVX), Exxon Mobil Corporation (XOM), and Hess Corporation (HES)all of which are major components of energy exchange-traded funds (or ETFs), such as the Energy Select Sector SPDR Fund (XLE) and the Vanguard Energy ETF (VDE). Another important figure the EIA reports is the level of crude oil inventories at Cushing, Oklahoma.

Ohio gas prices up slightly to start work week; state average remains below national number | Fox Business

As MLPs are structured as pass-through entitiesthey do not pay taxes at the entity level and are thus are able to pay out most of their earnings to investors. Further, MLPs have low correlations with many other asset classes including equities and commodities and thus add diversification benefits to the portfolios. As the energy industry continues to evolve and grow with revolutionary developments in the field of unconventional energy, MLPs represent a great way to benefit from the growth. MLPs and Rising Rates Like all high income products, MLPs also tend to react negatively to rise in interest rates initially.But research shows there is no material correlation between 10-year treasury rates and Alerian MLP index performance in the longer-term. At the same time, MLP asset class does not have a long history and we have not seen materially rising interest rates since MLPs have been in existence. However, since they have been around, we have not seen any significant correlation with interest rates.

Agricultural Development Board approves more than $2.1 million for 19 Kentucky projects | Fox Business

So,high yield bonds thatare issued by non-investment grade corporations pay higher yields than investment-grade bonds or Treasuries. Inflation expectations The higher the current rate of inflation and the higher the expected future rates of inflation, the higher the yields will rise across the yield curve. The reason is investors will demandhigher yields to compensate for inflation risk. This leads to a fall in bond value.

Zacks Investment Ideas feature highlights: Alerian MLP ETF, JPMorgan Alerian MLP Index ETN, UBS ETRACS Alerian MLP Infrastructure ETN and Credit Suisse Cushing 30 MLP Index ETN – Yahoo Finance

More than $2.1 million has been approved for agricultural diversification projects in Kentucky. The Kentucky Agricultural Development Board says the funding goes to 19 projects, ranging from a farm-to-table program in Louisville to a livestock slaughter facility in McLean County to a shared-use equipment program in Carter County. Gov. Steve Beshear is chairman of the development board, which awarded the funds Friday. He says the projects help increase market opportunities, provide education and enhance on-farm investments.

Must-know: Why energy investors must watch crude inventories – Yahoo Finance

The average price for a gallon of regular gas was $3.49 in Monday’s survey from auto club AAA, the Oil Price Information Service and WEX Inc. That’s 2 cents more than a week ago and 28 cents lower than a month ago in Ohio. Monday’s national average was $3.57, which is 4 cents lower than a week ago. It’s 10 cents lower than the price last year at this time. Analysts say the price of crude oil was elevated on anxiety about the Middle East, though the likelihood of disruption in supplies was small.


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