How Consumer Discretionary Stocks Are Holding Back The S&p 500

Ten Analyst Stocks to Buy Under $10 for Big Upside – MarketWatch

For years, investors have been willing to let Amazon defer maximizing its profits as long as its revenue continued to climb at an impressive rate. Yet this year, investors have been less forgiving of Amazon’s quarterly earnings reports, as the general attitude toward high-momentum stocks across the market has deteriorated and sent many former high-flying share prices plunging. Amazon continues to come out with innovative ideas like its Fire TV product and is trying to boost revenue by raising the price of its popular Amazon Prime service, but the stock hasn’t reacted favorably and could need more signs of profit-production potential in order to reverse its losses. Source: General Motors. Auto woes Beyond retail, General Motors has fallen more than 15%.

They believe the banking sector would be one of the biggest beneficiaries of an economic recovery. According to a report by Morningstar, an MF data firm, fund managers seem to have accumulated banking shares as data released by the Government showed that inflation based on both the consumer price index and the wholesale price index eased. Overall, mutual funds shored-up their exposure to the financial services sector mainly due to declining inflation levels, improving asset quality and signs of economic recovery, it said. Mutual funds have been consistently increasing their investment in bank shares in 2014. MFs exposure to bank stocks stood at Rs 30,339 crore in January and it grew to Rs 32,225 crore in February, Rs 40,293 crore in March and Rs 41,104 crore in April.

MFs’ exposure to bank stocks hits 15-month high of over Rs 41,000 cr

MFs’ exposure to bank stocks hits 15-month high of over Rs 41,000 cr (© Reuters)

Also, structural constraints in policy will take time to iron out in spite of political will. The balance sheet recovery will be protracted. What might happen in the interim is that a buoyant capital market may enable asset monetization and debt reduction opportunities for companies. This will improve the interest cover ratio as performance and cash flow from operations improve.

Performance of infrastructure stocks hinges on election outcome – Livemint

<img src='×220/LiveMint/Period1/2014/05/12/Photos/g_m2m_construction_WEB.jpg&#039; width=’500px’ alt=’photo’ style=’float:left;padding:5px’ />

(NYSE: FST) was raised on Wednesday to Equal Weight from Underweight at Morgan Stanley. An upgrade of this sort may not sound like the greatest ringing endorsement, but one must recall that this stock has fallen from over $6 to under $2 in the past year. Any upgrade at all will sound like a welcome wagon. Groupon Inc. (NASDAQ: GRPN) remains a controversial story, but it may also have a misunderstood earnings report.


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