Only Obama Can Fix His Broken Foreign Policy

Obama student loan plan forgiveness For the liberals let’s throw out the word wealth. Wealth is revenue, money, assets etc. that adds to the prosperity of the community and the country. I get the idea that promoter for the older generation was a negative connotation. It is a great idea but it isn’t going to work. But in the newer generation thanks to lobbyists and the other system suckers you can get folks to throw money at ideas that they know will not work.

Obama: A Promoter at Heart but Not Good for the Country!

Abu-Jamal never denied the killing during his trial. He, and his supporters, are still unapologetic for Faulkner’s death. One of those unapologetic supporters is former NAACP Legal Defense Official Debo P. Adegbile, who has worked tirelessly to free guilty murderer Abu-Jamal from prison. President Obama has nominated Adegbile to head the Department of Justice Civil Rights Division as an assistant attorney general to replace radical Tom Perez, who is now the Secretary of Labor. Adegbile is sure to continue carrying out the radical racial agenda of President Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder with the weight of the law behind him.

Obama Nominates Cop Killer Advocate to Head DOJ Civil Rights Division

But this reader was left wondering why Gates continued serving in an administration with people talking blithely about the use of military force as though it were some kind of video game. Why didnt he resign? Perhaps the answer is the same as to why Obama stuck with the policy he doubted: War sometimes doesnt allow clean options, all-in or all-out. People soldier on as best they can. White House officials are upset about the book . But they should use it as an opportunity to examine the deeper question of how the foreign policy process got so damaged and what they can do to repair it.

Obama sends disaster aid to West Virginia

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