Hollywood Confidential: Latinos Are The Kindest People On Earth

(Thomas Curwen, Los Angeles Times / July 15, 2013) Also By Thomas Curwen and Andrew Blankstein July 15, 2013, 12:41 a.m. About 80 protesters gathered in front of the CNN building in Hollywood on Sunset Boulevard shortly after midnight Monday, chanting “No Justice, No Peace,” as police declared an unlawful assembly. A police helicopter shone a light on demonstrators as more than 100 Los Angeles police officers in riot gear converged on the crowd and began making arrests and telling people to disperse. Some officers fired less-than-lethal rounds at the crowd. The protesters had marched down to the CNN building from Hollywood Boulevard and Highland Avenue, with some carrying signs that said “We Are All Travyon Martin.” Throughout the evening, police struggled to get a handle on pockets of protesters blocking traffic in the wake of the verdict in the George Zimmerman murder trial in Florida.
Source: http://www.latimes.com/local/lanow/la-me-ln-trayvon-martin-protesters-gather-in-front-of-cnn-20130715,0,1397487.story?asdf

Latinos are more family oriented. Latinos are more community-driven. And as I and so many others have reported in the last few years Latinos actually outperform most other ethnic groups on social and mobile channels. Rick sums this up by noting: Latinos are kind perhaps the kindest, nicest, friendliest people on earth. Thats what Rick said the first time I heard him speak, after a great joke, and the room fell silent, in a good way. I am sympathetic to this POV. The kindredness we are speaking of our ability to connect with others as if they are family (mi casa es su casa) is a strength in our culture that demands our attention. Making the gift more universal And it demands our attention not only because it can help Latinos. It demands our attention because it can help us all. Rick and I closed our conversation last night with a look at what Latinos can do with this gift. We had spoken earlier in the conversation about the conflict for most Latinos with having both the oppressor and the oppressed in their DNA. When thinking about the gift, we channel the oppressed. When thinking about our challenges, we blame the oppressor. In other words, we blame ourselves. But the lesson here is that we need to embrace everything about ourselves, and understand the evolution we must undergo. But an even bigger lesson is that this evolution is not just for Latinos, but for all Americans. In the end, Latino may be more powerful as a state of mind, than as a statement of ethnic identity. All Americans house the oppressor and the oppressed in their minds.
Source: http://www.forbes.com/sites/giovannirodriguez/2013/07/13/hollywood-confidential-latinos-are-the-kindest-people-on-earth/


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